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Protein & Cell has made a very strong start in its first years of publication, covering all the monthly issues with a consistently high standard of content and production.   
        Thanks to the contributors, editors, editorial board, editorial staff and publishers, both the scientific quality and the production quality of the journal have been outstanding. The quality and consistency of the journal has been recognized by the rapid acceptance for indexing in MEDLINE and Science Citation Index expanded (SciSearch), JCR/Science Edition, SCOPUS, BIOSIS and other major database. We offer our sincerest thanks to them for their help and their confidence in the journal.

The content of Protein & Cell continues our aims to promote greater understanding of the cell, via structural and functional studies of its components and products. The journal has published reviews and primary papers on a wide range of fascinating topics, from genomics, DNA/RNA structure and functions, nucleosome assembly, DNA replication and repair, protein synthesis, protein structures and activities, signalling phenomena, cell-cell and cell-matrix interactions, through to extracellular phenomena and molecular aspects of development and morphogenesis of multicellular organisms. Our output covers a broad spectrum of traditional specialist areas, with some emphasis on stem cell biology (iPSCs, ageing, cancer stem cells, embryonic stem cells, neural stem cells, etc), virology (EBOLA, HIV-1, SARS, EV-71, influenza, enterovirus, HCV, lagovirus, coronavirus, viral integrases, proteases and reverse transcriptases, etc.), and also immunology (therapeutic monoclonal antibodies, complement, collectins, immune receptor functions and specificity, antimicrobial peptides, antiviral defence mechanisms, etc). Molecular microbiology, enzymology, genetics, neurosciences and plant molecular sciences are also represented.  

Although the journal is based in China, its international nature has been evident from the previous issues. A significant proportion of manuscripts are from scientists in the US, with others contributed from UK, Japan, Germany, Singapore, etc. This is consistent with our aim to establish a congregating forum for worldwide scientists in the life sciences.

We have been fortunate to receive many contributions that report novel results and that are in the mainstream of scientific interest. We look forward to receiving more of the same in the future as the journal becomes more widely known. Again, we call upon our colleagues worldwide to join us in support of Protein & Cell, and to help build it into an objective, advanced, open and successful journal.




Current issue
  • ISSN1674-800X
  • EISSN1674-8018
  • IF (2019) 10.164

Microbiota and Human Health

May 2018
Volume 9
Issue 5
pp: 395-510

Metabolism and Disease

May 2018
Volume 9
Issue 2
pp: 141-237

Therapeutic Antibodies

May 2018
Volume 9
Issue 1
pp: 1-139


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