2018.9(6): 511-592


The symbol of spread of modern Western botany into China: Chih-wu hsüeh, an unconventional translation in the late Qing dynasty     p511

He Zhang

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Targeting cancer stem cells by using chimeric antigen receptor-modified T cells: a potential and curable approach for cancer treatment     p516

Yelei Guo, Kaichao Feng, Yao Wang, Weidong Han

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Whole-tissue 3D imaging reveals intra- adipose sympathetic plasticity regulated by NGF-TrkA signal in cold-induced beiging    p527

Ying Cao, Huanhuan Wang, Wenwen Zeng

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Antisense transcription regulates the expression of sense gene via alternative polyadenylationse      p540

Ting Shen, Huan Li, Yifan Song, Jun Yao, Miao Han, Ming Yu, Gang Wei, Ting Ni

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Ligand binding and conformational changes of SUR1 subunit in pancreatic ATP-sensitive potassium channels     p553

Jing-Xiang Wu, Dian Ding, Mengmeng Wang, Yunlu Kang, Xin Zeng, Lei Chen

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Identification of natural compounds targeting Annexin A2 with an anti-cancer effect      p568

Yu-Shi Wang, He Li, Yang Li, Hongyan Zhu, Ying-Hua Jin

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Simulating the ion permeation and ion selection for a eukaryotic voltage-gated sodium channel NaVPaS      p579

Juanrong Zhang, Wenzhi Mao, Yanhui Ren, Rui-Ning Sun, Nieng Yan, Haipeng Gong

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OUQCRFS1N assembles mitochondrial respiratory complex-III into an asymmetric 21-subunit dimer      p585

Shuai Zong, Jinke Gu, Tianya Liu, Runyu Guo, Meng Wu, Maojun Yang

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