2017.8(9): 629-706


Dr. Chi-Ming Chu: Respected founder of molecular virology and pioneer of biologicals in China      p629

Weizheng Yan, Baoying Huang, Li Ruan, Wenjie Tan

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Advancing chimeric antigen receptor T cell therapy with CRISPR/Cas9     p634

Jiangtao Ren, Yangbing Zhao

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TRPV1 and TRPA1 in cutaneous neurogenic and chronic inflammation: pro-inflammatory response induced by their activation and their sensitization       p644

Olivier Gouin, Killian L’Herondelle, Nicolas Lebonvallet, Christelle Le Gall-Ianotto, Mehdi Sakka, Virginie Buhé, Emmanuelle Plée-Gautier, Jean-Luc Carré, Luc Lefeuvre, Laurent Misery, Raphaele Le Garrec

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Differential regulation of H3S10 phosphorylation, mitosis progression and cell fate by Aurora Kinase B and C in mouse preimplantation embryos      p662

Wenzhi Li, Peizhe Wang, Bingjie Zhang, Jing Zhang, Jia Ming, Wei Xie, Jie Na

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The crystal structure of Ac-AChBP in complex with α-conotoxin LvIA reveals the mechanism of its selectivity towards different nAChR subtypes      p675

Manyu Xu, Xiaopeng Zhu, Jinfang Yu, Jinpeng Yu, Sulan Luo, Xinquan Wang

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Salivary exosomal PSMA7: a promising biomarker of inflammatory bowel disease      p686

Xiaowen Zheng, Feng Chen, Qian Zhang, Yulan Liu, Peng You, Shan Sun, Jiuxiang Lin, Ning Chen

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AlphaLISA detection of alpha-synuclein in the cerebrospinal fluid and its potential application in Parkinson’s disease diagnosis      p696

Hongli Zhao, Jue Zhao, Jiapeng Hou, Siqing Wang, Yu Ding, Boxun Lu, Jian Wang

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Structure of unliganded membrane-proximal domains FN4-FN5-FN6 of DCC     p701

Lorenzo I. Finci, Jie Zhang, Xiaqin Sun, Robert G. Smock, Rob Meijers, Yan Zhang, Junyu Xiao, Jia-huai Wang

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