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2017.8(4): 237-314


Nathaniel Gist Gee’s contribution to biology in modern China    p237

Lei Fu

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N4 DNA recognition by STAT6: structural and functional implications    p240

Xiang Zhou, Zhengfan Jiang

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Transcriptional regulators dictate innate lymphoid cell fates    p242

Chao Zhong, Jinfang Zhu

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Reversible phosphorylation of the 26S proteasome    p255

Xing Guo, Xiuliang Huang, Mark J. Chen

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Cocktail of chemical compounds robustly promoting cell reprogramming protects liver against acute injury     p273

Yuewen Tang, Lin Cheng

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Functional characterization of human equilibrative nucleoside transporter 1     p284

Weiyun Huang, Xin Zeng, Yigong Shi, Minhao Liu

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PML-RARA mutations confer varying arsenic trioxide resistance   p296

Dong-Mei Bai, Xiao-Feng Zheng

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Identification of microRNA expression profiles in the gill, intestine and hepatic caecum of Branchiostoma belcheri   p302

Xin Liao, Liu Yang, Xi Chen, Junyuan Chen

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Structural insights into glutathione-mediated activation of the master regulator PrfA in Listeria

Yong Wang, Han Feng, Yalan Zhu, Pu Gao

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2017.8(4): 237-314

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